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Body Sculpting Inner Ball Massage Machine EMSlim Neo RF EMS Muscle Stimulator Machine

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June 03, 2023
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This machine combines with 2 pieces EMS Body Sculpting Handle & 2 pieces Inner Ball Handles.
1. The machine power could arrive 5000w. Intensity:13 Tesla
2. The energy could arrived 200hz high frequency.
3. New upgrade system could ensure the energy output stableand low energy loss.
4. 4 Handles+1 Seat-type Working Handle
5. Unlimited lifetime,working heads are designed.
6. Advanced imported raw materials, support the high-qualityfor your SPA/Salon, etc.
1.Cellilite Reduction.Shape S curve, waistcoat line, slimming down fat.
2.Body Toning ,Reduce muscle painand improve blood circulation.
3.Skin Tighting,Prevent muscle aging, muscle drooping.
4.Enhanced Muscle Definition.
5.Improved Complexion.
6.Pain Reduction,Increasemuscle mass and reduce fat.
7.Increased Lymphatic Circulation.
8.Postpartum pregnant women contract pelvic floor muscles to improve urine leakage.
Inner Ball Handles Principle
Inner ball roller therapy is a globally recognized treatment for the body and face. It's a non-invasive treatmentthat delivers5 synergistic actions; cellulite reduction, enhanced lymphatic drainage, stimulation of blood flow, reduced aches and pains, and increased muscle tone.
Uses an innovative compression micro-vibration technology.
Compression micro-vibration therapy is specially designed for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, body shaping and physical therapy. It is the latest generation of body care for the face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and feet, etc.Compression micro-vibration therapy is a treatment that can reactivate blood circulation, a method that can care for complex diseases such as lymphatic stasis, lymphedema and cellulite, so it can improve skin nutrition and cell oxygenation, compression micro-vibration therapy, It is an innovative combination between beauty and health.
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