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Why is OPT Photon so popular?

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Why is OPT Photon so popular?
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Wuhan SK Eily Optoelectronics launched its new OPT photonics product. The current medical beauty projects can be described as a dazzling array, but wise women in the workplace have both keen judgments and their own standards, and they do not follow blindly. For example, a skin whitening and skin rejuvenation project is not only good in curative effect, good experience, reasonable price, high quality, but also not bad style. If it takes less time, it's best to complete it in a lunch break, and there is no repair period before it is perfect. Indeed, the project must be good enough to be able to gain the beauty of beauty. The most frequent word that has appeared in my ears recently is ------OPT photon. What kind of trick does it have? Can you satisfy the picky?


SK Eily Optoelectronics OPT Photon has four major advantages:

1. Comfortable and painless skin rejuvenation: high-end version of OPT technology, adjustable sub-pulse energy, realizes 5D holographic positioning target color base, so as to realize the energy used in the most needed places according to different skin lesion characteristics.


2. Vascular filter: In addition to skin rejuvenation, the advantage of OPT is reflected in the problem of vascular lesions.


3. Double-effect Acne acne filter: The wavelength is locked at 480-950nm & 530-950nm, and the dual-wave synergistic effect can not only sterilize and reduce inflammation, but also continue to control oil for dual-effect management of annoying acne.


4. Full-effect multi-dimensional skin rejuvenation experience: single-handed covering 480-950nm wavelength, multi-band, wide spectrum, wavelength including near-infrared light, to meet the needs of customized solutions for beauty seekers.


OPT photon treatment is a comfortable, painless, full-effect, multi-dimensional skin rejuvenation experience. You can put on makeup immediately after treatment, without delaying work and daily life. At the same time, it has multiple effects such as removing spots, rejuvenating skin, shrinking pores, removing red blood streaks, and reducing acne marks. It is an ideal new method for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.


SK Eily Optoelectronics debuted its new OPT Photonics product. Friends who have not done Photonics should hurry up to seize the golden season of skin care in winter, let the super-photon skin rejuvenation help you shine and transform in the cold winter, without fear of cold and dryness in winter! Still a beauty without makeup!

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