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What skin problems can dot matrix laser solve?

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What skin problems can dot matrix laser solve?

What is a lattice laser?

Lattice is not a laser, it refers to the laser a work mode, in this kind of work mode laser, regularly arranged in dense lattice form, it can have different wavelengths, thermal effect can act directly on the skin tissue, not only can effectively stimulate the skin collagen and restructuring, the new internal and still can make skin collagen contraction, fundamentally improve the texture of the skin.


Classification of lattice lasers

The treatment of dot array laser is based on water, so it will be absorbed by various water-bearing structures (epidermis, collagen fibers, blood vessels, etc.) in the process of treatment.According to the different degree of water absorption, lattice laser can be divided into two kinds: peeling lattice laser and non-peeling lattice laser.

Our common carbon dioxide dot array laser, dot array erbium laser, are a kind of peeling dot array laser, they in the treatment of light, will be a large amount of water in the skin tissue absorption, heat energy, so as to achieve gasification peeling all the skin epidermis and part of the dermis.Non-exfoliating lattice lasers emit relatively little energy that is absorbed by moisture in the skin, and do not generate enough heat to vaporize the tissue to create true pores, but only columnar heating zones.


What skin problems can be improved by dot matrix laser

1. Pit Pit (Dot Matrix Carbon Dioxide Laser is the strongest artifact)

2. Large pores

3. Various scars (depression scars, hypertrophic scars, contracture scars)

4. Mild photoaging and wrinkles

5. Shallow pigmentation


Postoperative recovery (general principles)

The peeling spot matrix laser will appear redness and swelling, need ice compress sedation, then appear scab, scab can last 1-2 weeks, the use of drugs to promote skin healing, soften the scab shell for external use.Do not use the hand to pick the scab shell, wait for the scab shell off naturally, if the scab shell is thicker or take off the scab slowly can be treated as advised by the doctor.After scab shell falls off, must bask in, if appear color sink can use vitamin C, nicotinamide to wait to accelerate the subside that pigmentation is stiff.


How often do dot matrix lasers do

Generally speaking, exfoliating lattice laser is treated once every 1-3 months or so, depending on the specific purpose of treatment.Non-exfoliating lattice laser is recommended to be treated once every 1-2 months or so, also depending on the specific purpose of treatment.

Lattice laser treatment is needed treatment for many times, because the name of lattice laser is there is a certain density, unlike traditional laser whole treatment, proper density can reduce the heating effect of adverse reactions, and multiple treatment can cover more different areas, according to the different disease course is different, be sure to doctor and patient communication.Especially stripped large lattice laser damage, the recovery period is longer, usually 2 to 3 months or longer, possible (collagen regeneration slower), laser hole bigger on the vision of blain hole (small blain hole grinding is required to make laser better penetration), along with the increase in the number can be improved, don't be too eager, lest produce more of the adverse reactions.

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