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Skin Tooling

Here’s a secret tip from science to know all about your skincare woes - a skin analysis. Your skin is a dynamic and ever-changing organ with nutrient requirements that change constantly. So, it’s a good idea to monitor your skin’s health from time to time.

Knowing the current condition of your skin will help you decipher its needs and help you get that healthy and glowing skin you always desired. Sounds cool, right?

But you surely want to be able to do that without spending a fortune, right? Well, not anymore. Introducing you to Kaya Youth’s highly advanced, dermatologist-crafted skin analyzer tool that evaluates your skin health and provides you with an expertly personalized skincare regimen in no time.

Before that you might be wondering, what is skin analysis, really?

Skin analysis is the process of knowing the past and current state of your skin. This test helps determine issues such as wrinkles, impurities, spots, pores, etc., as well as the keratin, sebum, and moisture levels in your skin. A skin analysis will enable you to identify the damage to your skin as well as the best solution to prevent further degradation. This is why many dermats and skincare experts utilize diagnostic tools to conduct these tests. And speaking of a diagnostic device, skin analyzers are the most common tool used by these professionals.

When to get a skin analysis?

Getting a skin analysis once a month should be enough. But if you’re cautious about your skin health and wish to know if the products you’re using are effective, then do it twice a month. This will help you monitor your skin’s progress more efficiently.

When it comes to skin analysis, multiple factors such as nutrition, lifestyle choices, as well as external stressors like pollution must be considered. All of these factors contribute to internal cell changes.

How does the skin analyzer tool work?

Using this dermat-designed skin analyzer tool is easy and you can achieve a customised skincare routine within seconds. The tool takes a series of snaps of your face and carefully examines them to highlight the issues or potential areas of concern in detail.

Here are three simple steps to use this skin analyzer tool:

Step 1: Click a clear selfie and upload it on the tool.

Step 2: Once done, the tool will analyze your skin’s health.

Step 3: You will receive customised, expert-recommended solutions within a few minutes.


How long does the process take?

A detailed skin analysis usually takes 15 minutes, but it can take as little as two minutes at times. The analysis involves taking images and answering questions about your skin health to analyze the results of your test. Which skin issues does the skin analyzer tool highlight?

To get the correct skin health evaluation, the skin analyzer highlights several issues, including:

  • Dullness
  • Dark circles
  • Patchy skin
  • Dark spots
  • Line and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation

What does the score tell me?

Based on your skin health score for each of the vital areas examined by the tool, you will be able to identify which parts of your skin need prime attention. What’s more? You will also be provided with a dermat-tailored plan ideal for your skin’s needs. With this, you are sure to have the best solutions to treat your skin issues.

Can I have a second round of skin analysis?

Yes, you can have a second or even a third round of skin analysis once you’ve undertaken the treatment you were advised. This is because the tool helps you monitor your skin’s healing process, allowing you to witness results faster.

On what skin types can I use the skin analyzer tool?

You’ll be happy to hear that this skin analyzer tool can be used on all skin types. Once you’re done analyzing your skin’s health, you can head over to our Shop section and treat your skin to a wide range of SK EILY products , including a variety of face masks online brightening face mask face wipes , and much more!

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