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Picosecond laser first impression

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Picosecond laser first impression

Picosecond laser as a kind of beauty can remove spots and tender skin beauty skin magic, it's these primary knowledge, we have to know.Today, the secret to beauty is "picosecond laser".


First, the principle of picosecond laser:

It uses a laser of a specific wavelength to illuminate the skin, and pigmentation spots will preferentially absorb, explode, become small fragments, and then be metabolized by their own skin.The skin itself accelerates metabolism, repairs, achieves the purpose of whitening and removing freckles.


Second, what is the effect of this project?

(1) whitening the skin.Can solve the skin pigmentation.


(2) remove color spots.Without hurting the epidermis, it starts the overall renewal mechanism of the skin, so that the skin can be reactivated, thus making the skin younger.


(3) tattoo removal.It can shorten the frequency of tattoo removal from 10 times of traditional laser treatment to 2-3 times.


(4) Shrinkle pores.After the picosecond laser, the body produces a lot of new collagen because it needs to repair hair follicles. This new collagen helps the skin close pores, lighten fine lines, and lighten some of the scars that are not obvious.


Three, must not ignore the convalescence nursing

(1) picosecond laser freckle treatment is not wet, especially after the day can not wash your face.Because the laser after the skin in the injured state, with water will cause skin inflammation, easy to cause pigmentation, and even make the spot worse.The recovery period is 5-6 days, passed these days after the skin will gradually recover, you can wash your face.


(2) After the skin recovers, you can clean your face with clean water. In a short time, do not use facial cleansing products such as facial cleanser. During this period, you should avoid foods, do not eat spicy food, eat healthy and normal food.

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