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How does Thermage achieve beauty effects?

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How does Thermage achieve beauty effects?

What is radio frequency?

Currently we use a lot of radio frequency technology, what is radio frequency? It is actually electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves generally generate electromagnetic fields after acting on our skin. Electromagnetic fields will generate heat, which will stimulate our collagen to shrink and produce new collagen. This is the most critical core of our facial firmness and enhancement.


The oldest and most classic technology in radio frequency technology is called Thermage. It is the most classic technology. It was first approved by the FDA for facial rejuvenation. However, it has developed to four or five generations so far. too much. Through this kind of unipolar radio frequency, it can act on our biological tissues and produce a firming and lifting effect on the face. For the neck, it can reduce the neck wrinkles after firming, and it can reduce the fat on the body and make the skin firmer. Then improve the abdominal circumference, and a purpose of shaping. Therefore, Thermage is a constantly innovating unipolar radio frequency technology that can make us younger.



Thermage is a kind of radio frequency treatment, commonly known as a kind of equipment like electric wave lift. Thermage has been applied to clinical cosmetic projects since 2002, and it has been 18 years old. It can be called a gold standard in the field of radio frequency. It is currently a fourth or fifth generation device. Up. It acts on the skin through radio frequency energy, so that the skin can have a new collagen regeneration, so that the skin can be firmed and improved.


Thermage can also act on a deeper level, and it also has a certain tightening effect on the subcutaneous fascia and even our deep fat tissue. Therefore, it can have an anti-aging effect on the face. In addition to its very significant clinical effect, Thermage has also been greatly improved in terms of safety. During the treatment, we use the special golden treatment head There will be some baroreceptors, temperature sensors, and resistance sensors. It allows us to ensure its safety during the entire treatment process, prevent scalds, and prevent a large area of ​​injury. During the treatment process, there will be some small risks. Then we think these small risks, It may include a small blister in a small area, or some small scabs in the local area, then these are some contact surfaces in the treatment process, which may not be very exact caused, these small injuries After a recovery period of seven to ten days, it can be fully recovered, so for us and beauty seekers, this treatment is still very safe and effective.

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