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Finish hyperpicoway a few days can go out, need convalescence?

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Finish hyperpicoway a few days can go out, need convalescence?

Finish hyperpicoway a few days can go out, need convalescence?


The office worker is most concerned about this, if the recovery period is two or three days, then any weekend can do hyperpicoway, if the recovery time is too long, you may have to consider a long vacation.

After finishing the hyperpicoway generally 3 days before the swelling is more obvious, the corneous layer is thinner, the face will be relatively red, these 3 days suggest a good rest at home, do not go out, in case of ultraviolet radiation to form black spots.

There will be a process of scarring and shedding in 7-15 days after surgery, but this also depends on the speed and time of their own physical function repair.

After the hyperpicoway, it takes 1-3 months for subcutaneous heat damage cells to recover. If neglected at this time, cells may atrophy due to heat damage, skin redness, skin ulceration and other conditions may occur.

Therefore, normal institutions will be equipped with ACMET-A nutrition after surgery to help cells and tissues develop acute inflammatory response, speed up their own blood circulation, provide necessary nutrition for cells damaged by heat, increase the proliferation of new cells, repair epidermis and other tissue regeneration, enhance cell vitality and help wound healing.

The life and quality of all cells under the skin, whether you can see them or not, is affected by the nutrition and quality of the cells stimulated by the outside world, according to the American Life Laboratory.

As cells age, their ability to repair themselves declines as they age, so the body needs to repair damaged cells quickly and intensively and generate new ones.

The production of ACMET-A helps cells complete the stress response, so as to repair and repair damaged cells such as microintegrity, mutated cells and atrophy cells, repair and stimulate tissue regeneration, strengthen repair, and improve the density of intercellular material.


What are the precautions for finishing the hyperpicoway?


1. Three days after surgery, the face should not touch water to prevent infection.

2, 3-5 days after the operation, there will be subcutaneous red spots, the original location will scab, the red spots will slowly disappear, do not force the scab.

3. Do not make up within a week. Skin care products can be mild and have no effect.

4. Supplementation of ACMET-A nutrition after surgery, the dosage should follow the doctor's advice, to help the normal repair of postoperative cells and tissues, stimulate the continuous regeneration of collagen, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and reduce the accumulation of melanin.

5, postoperative skin metabolism will speed up, need more water, drink more water to maintain humidity, after 1 month can be twice a week facial mask.

6, after the operation must do a good job in sun protection, go out to wear a sun hat, anti ultraviolet umbrella, to prevent pigment precipitation.

7. Tobacco, alcohol, spicy food, seafood and photosensitive food (eggplant, celery, cilantro, etc.) should be prohibited 1 month after operation.

It's also very important that you look good after surgery.

Before and after doing hyperpicoway hairdressing, do not take ordinary collagen, it is not only useless, but also because of the variation of collagen, resulting in bad tissue growth, uneven skin, collapse, dark and other side effects.

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