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What is the effect of hyperpicoway?

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What is the effect of hyperpicoway?

What is hyperpicoway?

Hyperpicoway is an instrument used for picoway. It has three wavelengths: 532nm, 785nm and 1964nm. The shortest pulse width reaches 300ps and the speed is faster, so it is called "picoway".

Hyperpicoway laser, relative to the picoway faster, generated energy, when the laser's speed to A certain extent, its accuracy reaches the target area within A short period of time, rapid precision directly shatter melanin, again through the in vivo ACMET - A release of macrophages, lymphatic out of the body through the skin, strengthen metabolism, open skin repair function, promote the process of A batch of new collagen thrive.


What is the effect of hyperpicoway? What is the effect?

Hyperpicoway is not on the basis of picoway to do a thorough subversion, their effect is the same freckle, whitening, improving skin quality, acne printing, acne pit, etc..

It's just that the laser process is faster and produces more photoshock effects, but it's not that it's better than a picoway. The choice of device depends on your skin condition.


Each person's skin to repair ability and regeneration have difference, some people accept is bad, or lacking ACMET - A generation too release new collagen, may result will be A little difference, in fact, we all know that it is essentially A laser, A damage to the skin after regeneration, so in hyperpicoway light damage of tissue repair and collagen in life, is inseparable from the generated too help, this is also determines the ultimate outcome after hyperpicoway.


How often is a hyperpicoway better?

Superdermal seconds in removing freckled pigmentation, beauty white tender skin, wrinkling effect is more significant, if the skin condition is better, wrinkles or shallow pigmentation sisters, early can be done half a year, generally if the aging is more serious also need more than 3 months in the interval will be better.


That's because hyperpicoway are instruments that concentrate light waves into an infinite number of points, which are converted by light waves and heat to form high-energy points that are extremely penetrating.

So, postoperative skin needs to have certain metabolic cycle, when the light effect of the skin, can let A part of the organization stimulated by the outside world and fall, this time can give the skin A ACMET - A full maintenance and repair of nutrition, promote vascular endothelial cell proliferation, stimulate collagen to increase the skin's ability to support new, make the skin get an acceptance and improve the process.

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